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Computing Source provides comprehensive capabilities including Expert Witness Testimony, E-Discovery Consulting, IT Legal Assessment, Managed Review, Document Review Staffing, Contract Attorney, Paralegal Support and Fixed Price Meet and Confer services.  In addition to Professional Services, Computing Source is also your All-In-One Source for your other litigation support needs, including Investigative and Forensics, Production and Discovery, and Presentation and Trial.

Throughout litigation, there are times when issues arise that are outside the expertise of the attorneys handling the matter or that require more resources than a firm has available.

With an increasing amount of evidence now residing on computers and networks, it is often necessary to have an IT assessment of client networks and computers done.  Most judges are now requiring a meet and confer to discuss collection and search term strategies.  Having a trusted e-discovery consultant to rely on for advice and expert guidance can provide a significant advantage and help to avoid costly mistakes.

Also, as electronic discovery has become the norm in litigation, the volume of documents generated for review has skyrocketed.  Once documents are collected and processed, attorneys are now dealing how to host, review and code more documents than they can handle.  The use of hosted document repositories and contract reviewers is becoming a commonplace solution to these issues.  Dealing with choosing a review platform, identifying and hiring contract reviewers, and handling the day-to-day project management of a review are things most attorneys do not have the time or experience to handle.  Having a trusted partner to manage and oversee these logistics allows attorneys to focus their time on what they do best.


  • We are an all in one litigation support company that handles all aspects of a lawsuit.  We usually begin with forensic collections and will provide support throughout the discovery process and also support any trial presentation or court reporting needs.

    Dave McIsaac, Senior Account Executive (Chicago)
  • Computing Source works with law firms and corporations, helping them succeed at every stage of their case.  From forensic collections all the way to trial presentation Computing Source has hired leading professionals in each department to provide attorneys the Power To Win.

    Bill Schiestel, Western Regional Director
  • Computing Source is the only All-In-One litigation support firm in the Midwest.  We are able to handle all of your legal technology needs from file to trial all under one roof.  By keeping everything in house, we are able to provide the most efficient and quality customer service in the most cost effective manner.

    Erik Schwartz, Computing Source, Director of Trial Technology