Hosted Document Review

At your fingertips …. from anywhere, at any time!

We present all of your documents and materials on a secure online site so that you can easily and safely review your data.  We have one of the region’s largest legal data centers, capable of storing a petabyte of information (more than enough to store 20,000,000 four-drawer filing cabinets according to EMC Corporation!)

We have a variety of hosted document solutions including Relativity, Summation, Concordance and more.  All are backed by trained and certified professionals to help you every step of the way.

We can also help with:

  • Document coding and indexing
  • File organization & management
  • Document organization & review
  • Privilege logs


  • We are a full service litigation support service for law firms and corporations throughout the Midwest ... which includes everything from forensic collection, data hosting, electronic discovery, paper productions and various trial prep services; including demonstratives, video deposition to expert witness testimony.

    Rik Neace, Account Executive (Chicago)
  • I’ve been in the legal industry for over 30 years.  As a former litigation paralegal, I know what it is like to work on a case for years and get caught up in the complexity of working up a case for trial.  As a former owner of Evidence Express, a leading demonstrative evidence firm, I have helped hundreds of lawyers tell their story using compelling, persuasive graphics.   Making the complex simple takes time, creativity and hard work.  We  help the attorney explore and decide what facts fit and which story lines are most persuasive.  Our creative team helps develop visual aides to emphasize the key evidence but more importantly, provide simple and persuasive themes.  In simplicity, there is power.

    Theresa (Tess) Brady, Director, Demonstrative Evidence Group of Computing Source
  • Computing Source is the only All-In-One litigation support firm in the Midwest.  We are able to handle all of your legal technology needs from file to trial all under one roof.  By keeping everything in house, we are able to provide the most efficient and quality customer service in the most cost effective manner.

    Erik Schwartz, Computing Source, Director of Trial Technology