Production and Discovery


Computing Source provides comprehensive capabilities including Electronic Discovery, Copy/Scan/Print and Hosted Document Review services.  In addition to Production and Discovery, Computing Source is also your All-In-One Source for your other litigation support needs, including Investigative and Forensics, Professional Services, and Presentation and Trial.

A complaint has been served and document requests are looming.  The most expensive part of the case is about to begin.

Discovery is no longer about a few small files or a handful of boxes.  As e-Discovery has exploded, litigators no longer can expect to flip through a few thousand pages of copies.  Instead, they now are faced with having to deal with the processing, review and production of potentially millions of emails and other electronic files.  This means understanding and assessing the best approach to processing documents.  Should the documents be reviewed as natives or should they be converted and loaded to a review platform?   How should Excel documents be handled?  What is the best way to handle unique file types, such as drawings and CAD files?  Should a collection be de-duplicated?  What is de-nisting and document threading?

These are all technical issues that attorneys are generally not equipped to understand.  Making a wrong decision in the new world of e-Discovery can cost clients many thousands of dollars and could negatively impact a case, up to and including sanctions and adverse inferences.  Having a partner who can help work through these issues and direct attorneys down the right path in discovery and through production can help avoid these potentially costly pitfalls.



  • I’ve been in the legal industry for over 30 years.  As a former litigation paralegal, I know what it is like to work on a case for years and get caught up in the complexity of working up a case for trial.  As a former owner of Evidence Express, a leading demonstrative evidence firm, I have helped hundreds of lawyers tell their story using compelling, persuasive graphics.   Making the complex simple takes time, creativity and hard work.  We  help the attorney explore and decide what facts fit and which story lines are most persuasive.  Our creative team helps develop visual aides to emphasize the key evidence but more importantly, provide simple and persuasive themes.  In simplicity, there is power.

    Theresa (Tess) Brady, Director, Demonstrative Evidence Group of Computing Source
  • We are a full service litigation support service for law firms and corporations throughout the Midwest ... which includes everything from forensic collection, data hosting, electronic discovery, paper productions and various trial prep services; including demonstratives, video deposition to expert witness testimony.

    Rik Neace, Account Executive (Chicago)
  • We are an all in one litigation support company that handles all aspects of a lawsuit.  We usually begin with forensic collections and will provide support throughout the discovery process and also support any trial presentation or court reporting needs.

    Dave McIsaac, Senior Account Executive (Chicago)