Presentation and Trial


Computing Source provides comprehensive capabilities including Demonstrative Evidence, Trial Presentation, Video Services and Court Reporting services.  In addition to Presentation and Trial services, Computing Source is also your All-In-One Source for your other litigation support needs, including Investigative and Forensics, Production and Discovery, and Professional Services.

In today’s world, people demand instant gratification, visual stimulation and are used to consuming information from a screen.  Managing how information is presented has never been more important to an attorney than during trial.  Using exhibit boards to show a few key documents or drawing on flip pads will no longer impress a jury.  Jurors now want to have every exhibit introduced or reference displayed, with key text blown up or highlighted.  Instead of listening to portions of deposition testimony being read, jurors now want to see the video deposition played.  Any significant point that is made by an attorney or witness now needs to be accompanied by a demonstrative exhibit.

Creating and presenting evidence in a manner that makes jurors feel engaged in the trial process requires technical and artistic talent, and most important, a significant amount of time.  The days and weeks leading up to trial, attorneys are busy preparing witnesses, assembling exhibits and preparing examination outlines.  The last thing they have time for is coming up with a presentation theme or creating a flashy demonstrative slide.  Having a partner they can trust to handle this work can give an attorney great peace of mind not to mention an enormous advantage.

Computing Source’s Presentation and Trial teams are led by:


  • I work for an all-in-one litigation support firm that handles complex issues ranging from forensic collection, hosted environments (with an agnostic approach that fits our client’s needs), electronic discovery, scanning, and copies/blow back, to our trial director team sitting in the hot seat, or creating demonstratives for our clients. I recognize right now isn't the ideal place to meet, but I'm often in your building multiple times a day working with your firm & would love the opportunity to formally meet with you to further introduce my company and to potentially see if there might be an opportunity for us to work together.  I promise to leave the boring sales pitch at the office and I won't take up more than 5 minutes of your time!

    Chad Heilig, Senior Account Executive (Chicago)
  • We are a full service litigation support service for law firms and corporations throughout the Midwest ... which includes everything from forensic collection, data hosting, electronic discovery, paper productions and various trial prep services; including demonstratives, video deposition to expert witness testimony.

    Rik Neace, Account Executive (Chicago)
  • We are an all in one document support company that assists you from the beginning to the end of your trial preparation.  Anything from copying, scanning, trial boards, data processing – we do it all plus some!

    Alex Gomez, Account Executive (Chicago)