At Computing Source, we are more than a list of adjectives that put you to sleep and are instantly forgettable—together, we have built a culture that is meaningful, innovative and inspiring. We are proud to have been recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business as a Cool Place to Work!

In everything we do, we measure ourselves against the following core values:

Own your own business—be your own boss.

Take responsibility for your actions and take pride in your work.

Go big or go home.

Aim high and be bold! Put everything you’ve got into everything you do—each time, every time. To the extent possible, surround yourself with people who will do the same.

Be young at heart.

Always take your work seriously, but to never take yourself too seriously. Inject a little fun into the day!

Be involved.

There is a whole world of people, places, perspectives and possibilities outside the doors of your office. So get out there, meet a new client, make a new friend and get some fresh ideas.

Promises, promises.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Integrity and reliability are real currency in today’s competitive, professional environment. When you miss, apologize and try again. Don’t make excuses—make changes and carry them through in your actions.

Be yourself.

Staying true to yourself also means knowing yourself well enough to play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. Be yourself!