Faster. smarter. better.

Computing Source represents the marriage of law and technology. We know you don’t have time to wait so we deliver results fast. Our extensive service offerings, many locations and legion of talented professionals ensure that you are covered from A to Z. You will only need one number to call throughout the lifecycle of your case. Our speed, expertise and all-inclusive approach make us the best choice as your legal technology partner.

Madison Heights-based Computing Source is Michigan’s largest provider of legal support solutions. We offer unprecedented convenience, security and cost efficiency by giving attorneys one number to call for every single need during the lifecycle of his or her case.

We know how much of a costly and time-consuming headache it can be to try to corral multiple vendors and projects during your case. That is why we have dedicated our resources and efforts to building a full-service, all in one, A to Z support solution for the lifecycle of your case. Never again will you have to keep track of multiple numbers and people—we give you one number to call for a seamless experience.


Who we are

We employ more than 100 experienced, dedicated professionals all possessing the tenacity, passion and in-depth understanding of the litigation process that helps us to maintain our reputation of excellence as the strongest partner for your litigation support needs.

Where We Are

We are proud to be based in the Midwest! With offices throughout Michigan in Madison Heights, Detroit, Birmingham, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids along with Chicago, Illinois as well as, opening soon, Indianapolis, Indiana, we are local and always just a phone call away!

How we do it

We never ship your clients’ valuable, confidential evidence across the country to be processed. We do everything safely, securely and locally right in your own backyard – offering you easy accessibility and peace of mind. Innovating in Michigan – where innovation was born!

  • Computing Source is the only All-In-One litigation support firm in the Midwest.  We are able to handle all of your legal technology needs from file to trial all under one roof.  By keeping everything in house, we are able to provide the most efficient and quality customer service in the most cost effective manner.

    Erik Schwartz, Computing Source, Director of Trial Technology
  • Computing Source works with law firms and corporations, helping them succeed at every stage of their case.  From forensic collections all the way to trial presentation Computing Source has hired leading professionals in each department to provide attorneys the Power To Win.

    Bill Schiestel, Western Regional Director
  • I’ve been in the legal industry for over 30 years.  As a former litigation paralegal, I know what it is like to work on a case for years and get caught up in the complexity of working up a case for trial.  As a former owner of Evidence Express, a leading demonstrative evidence firm, I have helped hundreds of lawyers tell their story using compelling, persuasive graphics.   Making the complex simple takes time, creativity and hard work.  We  help the attorney explore and decide what facts fit and which story lines are most persuasive.  Our creative team helps develop visual aides to emphasize the key evidence but more importantly, provide simple and persuasive themes.  In simplicity, there is power.

    Theresa (Tess) Brady, Director, Demonstrative Evidence Group of Computing Source